​Services Management System

A system for creating workflow steps and managing services. The system works effectively and with integrated flexibility, by adding the required services and data, review stages, approvals, and issuance of permits and approvals certificates. Different types of user authentication mechanism can be used to log into the system.

MUNJAZ ​ Benefits

  • Munjaz is a holistic service management system which has been created to facilitate the operation of adding new services to the websites of the organizations. 
  • The design of the system comes to meet the needs of the customers who are looking for integrated service management system. 
  • A customizable system with high flexibility in creating data request forms and defining their types.
  • Provides high flexibility in determining the stages of the service flow, its destination, approvals, and the mechanism for granting its powers.

Features Of The System

Work Services

Electronic Certificates

Electronic Signature

Multi Authentication

User Roles

System Administrator​​

  • Add a sector
  • Add a section
  • Add a service
  • Add a permit
  • Receiving requests
  • Approval of requests
  • Reject requests


  • Receiving requests
  • Approval of requests
  • Reject requests


  • Requests 
  • Download certificate


Users login ​

Beneficiaries can login into Munjaz via their ID number. 


Staff login

Staff can login to Munjaz via Email and password.


Add sectors

Admin add the main sectors which includes all divisions and services.

Add divisions ​

Admin can add the divisions after adding the initial sectors to the system setup process.

Add service ​

Admin can add services details and fields.

Add permit design

Admin can review the permit design and details.


The home page enables system users to view the number of submitted applications, the number of applications under construction, the number of completed applications, and the number of rejected applications.