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General Assemblies Management System

An online platform for managing general assemblies. It allows shareholders to attend the board masses and all parties to hear the live broadcast at the meeting time. They can exercise their rights to discuss agenda items, vote, and elect board directors.

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Osol System

An asset management system for the Ministry of Finance and Oman Investment Authority. The system uses blockchain and optical character technologies to digitise paper documents.

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A platform for recording digital memory, creating and circulating non-fungible symbols, including lists of tangible and intangible heritage and culture. The platform is distinguished by its support for the Arabic language and its multiple classifications and financial support for community members.

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AQARI Platform

The system allows for smart land and real estate transactions, directly linked to Google Maps, which will assist in determining the land’s location. Additionally, it will display a list of lands for sale and will also encrypt ownership lands to prevent unauthorized changes and track ownership changes over time.