Our Story

FRONTECH established in 2017. Omantel and ITHCA (Oman investment Authority) are the owners. The company envisions its future as a globally trusted provider of integrated frontier technologies. FronTech has already deployed customised integrated solutions empowered with Blockchain and other frontier technologies, resulting in efficiencies and value for various industries, locally and beyond.
FronTech provides solutions to various market demands that improve FinTech operations and general services. Trust, Value, Tracking, Smart Dashboarding (AI), Sandbox and Security are needed to integrate classic and frontier technology. Furthermore, the company provides workshops to educate and elevate the national skillsets as part of its national duties. FronTech offers many services to satisfy the market’s and clients’ demands, such as SaaS, BaaS and customised integrated solutions.

Our Vision

The company envisions its future as a globally trusted provider of integrated frontier technologies.

Our Mission

An integrated, trusted solutions innovator using Blockchain and other frontier technologies to enhance efficiencies and create value across industries.

Our Values


Cooperation with national industries and local capabilities.


Activate local, regional and international initiatives.


Building trust between the different parties.


Reaching high levels of quality and sustainability.


Leading the industry of leading technologies from Oman to the world.


Stimulating the sector towards finding sustainable solutions.

National Blockchain Platform

The company launched the National Blockchain Platform to accelerate the digital innovation efforts in the Sultanate, be in line with the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and be eager to implement emerging technologies in the Sultanate. The platform offers two services: Blockchain Factory as a sandbox environment, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).


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