​Meeting Management System

A meeting management software platform supports organizations in outlining, organizing, running, and evaluate great meetings. Despite the seemingly straightforward purpose. It helps individuals and teams plan, organize, run, and record results during meetings. Common meeting productivity features include scheduling and invitations, agenda building and distribution, note-taking during meetings, timers, action item and decision tracking, and minutes generation. The benefits of a board management software include real-time dissemination of information, automated meeting preparation, digitized documentation, and clearer communication channels. 

LIQAA ​ Services

An online electronic platform for the management of general assemblies provided by FRONTECH Company .

This service allows shareholders to electronically attend the general assemblies of joint stock companies and investment funds.

All parties are allowed to attend the live broadcast at the time of the meeting, and they exercise their rights to discuss agenda items, vote and elect boards of directors.

Added-Value of LIQAA

Speed and efficiency

Integration and inclusiveness

Ease of use

Instant display of vote result

Voting remotely

Accuracy in calculating the quorum

Features of the System





User Roles

System Administrator​​

  • Add, edit system users
  • List all created meetings
  • Edit any meeting detail
  • Attend meeting
  • Control meeting
  • List all created meetings for public issuers
  • Approve/Reject meeting agendas
  • Approve/Reject meeting
  • Attend meeting


  • List all meetings belongs to the issuer
  • Create new meeting
  • Edit meeting 
  • Attend meeting 


  • List all meetings available for the investor
  • Attend meeting
  • Vote for agendas
  • Nomination
  • Check meeting report


Create AGM

Issuers create new meeting and fill the create AGM form including,

AGM Details

All the details of the request will be shown in this page. In the top the issuer can check the request status.


Users can add new agendas by choosing the template, create English and Arabic description, and insert attachment if any. 

Add Parties

Users can dd third parties to the agenda which has third parties, and fill the party form including the investor number, relationship type in English and Arabic, and insert attachment if any.

Add Nominees

Users can add nominees by filling the nominees form, including investor number, independent or non independent, create English and Arabic description, and insert attachment if any. 

Proxy Transfer

Investor can transfer proxy to another investor from the announcement of the meeting until one day from beginning of the meeting.


Pre-voting starts 3 days before the meeting time. Pre-voting ends 1 hour before the meeting time. The investor should vote on all agendas before registering the attendance. The investor can nominate only once the attendance is registered.

Attendance & Voting at Meeting Time

1 hour before the meeting, any investor view the meeting will be registered as attendance. If the investor did not pre-vote, by default agendas will be voted as agree. The meeting video link can be accessed by clicking on meeting link button. The investor can change their votes or nominations until the time for voting for each agenda finish.

Meeting Settings

After the meeting is accepted, the operation user is responsible to add the meeting link once it is available to the meeting.

Control Meetings

The operation user is responsible of starting the meeting, starting the voting and ending the meeting.